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About Us!

People behind the scenes! 

A Little Story About Us

Hi, We're RedGorillas 👋

Hey there! Thanks for checking us out! We are a startup based out of Bangalore and building something brand new in the Social Commerce space for the world. Started in late 2021, we are a team of highly ambitious, passionate and motivated individuals who believe that there is a better and fun way to shop online together!

To build the world's biggest community for people and products, one community at a time!  

Is to enable users to build and grow their own communities with every purchase. Where users can interact with other like minded shoppers, talk about the products they love, build their community and form real groups with real people to purchase high quality products at better prices! 

Who are we?

Meet The Team

Rahul Chavan

Rahul Chavan

Founder, CEO

Meet Our Advisors

Ramnath S

Ramnath S


Ex. SVP Reliance Retail & Ex. Philips Electronics

Vinay Jagtap

Vinay Jagtap


CTO, FanplayIOT & Ex. Aptean, Ex. Adobe

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Building the world’s biggest community for people and products, one community at a time!

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